Rent apartment in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city and the largest by population. As a special and unique territorial, administrative and self-governing unit it has the position of a county.Historically, it has grown from two villages in the neighboring hills, Gradec and the Capitol. Given its history and significance, Zagreb is rich in monuments and architecture. The center is the historic district of the Upper Town and the Capitol, as well as the Lower Town that is a great variety of architecture from the Baroque to the present. The main and the largest square is Ban Jelacic Square where you can find the famous statue of JosipJelacic (1866). Once a market and today a meeting place, destination for tourists and citizens, the main part of the pedestrian zone of the city center. On the western side of the Square you can get to Ilica, most famousshopping street and ideal for holiday accommodation in Zagreb. The center has an extremely large pedestrian zone, except the Main Square and Ilica, including a number of surrounding streets lined with shops, stores and restaurants. Some of the streets, like Bogoviceva, are known by many cafés. South of Ilica you can find the Flower Square, an intimate French-style town square, which got its nickname by flower stalls.Rent holiday accommodation in Zagreb and enjoy the economic, cultural, artistic and scientific center of Croatia.

The climate is temperate continental: summers are hot and dry with average temperature of 20 °C and winters are cold with average temperature of 1 ° C.According to the census of 2011, the City of Zagreb has 790 017 inhabitants.

The most important sectors of the economy are the production of electrical appliances, chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries, and the food industry. Rent apartment in Zagreb, asan international trade and business center, and busy intersection between Central and Eastern Europe. All major highways pass through the city and branch out to various parts of Croatia. By its location, culture, appearance and decoration, Zagreb is a typical Central European city extremely suitable for both short and long term stay.